What Is the Most Populated Island in Japan?


Honshu is japans most populated island with an estimated 80% of the Japanese people living there, it had a population of 103 million in the 2005 census.
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The main island of Honshu has the highest population, with 103 million people as of 2005.
The beaches of Okinawa, the largest and most populated of the Ryukyu
honshu is the biggest. are u japanese wannabe?
Indonesia's island of Java is the large island that is most densely populated with a population density of 2,100 people per square mile (810 per square kilometer). Java is home to
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Honshu is the most populated island in Japan. It is also the largest island in Japan and holds 80 percent of the county's population. It is also the place where Tokyo is located, the capital of Japan
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Most people in Japan live in urban centres such as Tokyo. Tokyo is the most populous city in japan with more than 8 million inhabitants. This and other urban centres ...
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