What Is the Mouth of a River Called?


The mouth of a river is called its base level. It is the end of a river, where it drains into a large body of water. If a river has a wide mouth it is referred to as an estuary and is characterised by a mixture of mixture of salty and fresh water.
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Answer The mouth of a river is also known as its base level. The base level for a river is the lowest point of its flow. For larger rivers, the base level may also be sea level.
Deltas don't always form the distinctive triangular shape that gives the formation its name. While the Nile River delta conforms to the stereotypical fan shape, the Mississippi River
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The mouth of the river is called the base level of a river or stream. It is the lowest point in which the river or stream can flow. For larger rivers or oceans, it is referred to as the sea level.
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