Muslim Diet?


A Muslim diet includes and excludes a number of foods. The permitted foods are called Halaal and the unlawful ones are called Haram. Firstly, Muslims do not take pork. They also do not take any product that has alcohol, animal gelatine or animal fats as its ingredients. Foods such as fish, poultry products, goats and rabbits are allowed in the Muslim diet.
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In the Muslim religion there are foods that are accepted, halal, and those that are the opposite, haraam. Meats that are halal include fish, goat, sheep, cattle, deer and rabbits. Pork and/or any pork product are haram. Permissible animals are regarded as haram if slaughtered by a non-Muslim or killed by another animal.
Muslims eat food permitted by their religion and avoid those ones that are forbidden. For meat products such as lamb, beef, goat and chicken, a prayer has to be said when the animal is slaughtered and Allah's name has to be invoked. Muslims are forbidden from eating eat pork, carrion or consume alcohol.
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