What Is the Name Nellie Short for?


Many people have their names shortened either by their parents or friends. Soon the shortened form of the original name sticks and seems more of the original name than just a nickname. The name Nellie is of British origin and can be short for Helen or Eleanor.
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Nellie is a variant of Cornelia (Latin) Eleanor (Greek) Helen (Greek) & Nelly, it
Cornell "Nelly" Hayes Jr., is famous as a rapper
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Nelly's real name is Cornell Haynes Jr. He was born on Nov. 2, 1974 in St. Louis, MO.
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Nelly as a girl's name is pronounced NEL-ee. The name is of English origin and is the short form of Helen and Eleanor which is the Greek name for light.
The name Nelly is a short form of the name Helen or Eleanor. The name is of English origin and is used to mean light. It has nine other variant forms such as Nel, Nelida, Nell, Nella, Nellene, Nellie, Nellwen, Nellwin and Nellwyn.
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