What Is the Name of a Baby Deer?


The name of a baby deer varies though the most common name is fawn. A young one from a larger species is known as calf and the young of the smallest kinds may be a kid. The average size of a litter is one or two fawns.
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A baby Deer is called a fawn.
The name of the baby deer is called as Fawn.The male deer is called as Buck or Hart or Stag.The Female deer is called as the Doe or the Hind.
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Adult male deers are referred to as bucks. Before they reach adulthood, male baby deer, along with female baby deer, are known as fawns.Bucks are distinguishable ...
A baby deer is referred to as a fawn. A male deer is known as a buck while the female deer is referred to as doe or hind. Deer can be found all over the world ...
Baby fawns should go through two containers of milk per day. A good mixture to feed them is three cups goat milk to one cup of cow's milk. Lactate should be added ...
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