What Is the Name of a Baby Horse?


A baby horse is called a fawn. A male young horse is called a colt while a female is referred to as a filly. A grown male horse is referred to as a stallion or stud while the female is called a mare or a dam.
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1. Make sure your foal is ready to be weaned. Most mares will begin to wean their foals by refusing to allow them to nurse. It is important for foal owners to keep an eye on the mare
Horses have babies (foals) while lying down; birth takes a long time. Foals stand within 10 minutes after birth.
Usually as big or little as a tame horse might be.
The father of a foal is called a sire. The mother is called a dam.
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A baby Horse is called a foal.
A baby horse is called a foal at birth. As it grows, a male is called a colt, and a female is called a filly. When they get older, the filly becomes a mare, and the male is a stallion, unless he has been neutered, and then he is called a gelding.
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A baby female horse is known as a filly. At this age which is under 4 years, it is too young to be called a mare. A baby male horse is referred to as a colt. A ...
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