What is the name of a baby pigeon?


Young pigeons are called squeakers or squabs. The latter term is the more common one. The young are referred to as squabs until they have fledged, which usually takes about 30 days from hatching.

Pigeons usually lay two eggs at a time. Both parents incubate the eggs, which hatch in 17 to 19 days. After hatching, the young are fed on pigeon's milk, which is formed in the parent birds' crops and consists mostly of partly digested grain. Quill feathers appear in about five to seven days.

Squabs grow relatively large before fledging and are popular as food for humans. They are usually harvested for this purpose when their about 4 weeks old. The meat is often considered a delicacy.

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A baby Common Pigeon is called a squab or squeaker.
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