What is a baby swan called?


Baby swans are known as "cygnets," a word derived from the Latin word for swan, "cygnus." Cygnets are easily distinguished from adults, as they are much smaller and are usually covered in a gray downy coat.

A swan's brood usually consists of three to eight cygnets. Unlike the adults, which live on water plants, grains and grasses, cygnets eat aquatic insects and crustaceans, often catching these creatures as they are stirred up by the parent swans' foraging. Young swans are mature enough to form adult pair bonds as young as 20 months but usually do not begin nesting and raising cygnets of their own until they are 4 or 5 years old.

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A baby Swan is called a cygnet.
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The proper name for a baby swan is a cygnet. When in a group, swans are referred to as a flock. A male swan is called a cob while an adult female swan is called ...
Swans have always been considered to be the most elegant of birds. There are two different names for a baby swan. The most common one is elegant, too -- a cygnet ...
A male swan is known as a cob while the female is known as a pen. A baby swan is either called a cygnet or a flapper while a group of swans is referred to as bevy ...
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