What are male ducks called?


A male duck is called a drake. Ducks belong to the family Anatidae and are found worldwide except in Antarctica and are characterised by highly waterproof feathers. They are omnivorous who feed on grass, fish, aquatic plants, insects, fruit and seeds.
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male=drake. female=hen. A female duck is just a duck. A hen is a female chicken. The male is a drake.
A male fox is known as a Dog fox. The female is known as a Vixen. Offspring are known as Cubs.
well, I think dark sunset would be nice.maybe carlos, zaphod, mitch, and big stripes too.
The male cat is called a "Tom"
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A male Duck is called a drake.
The name of the male duck is drake. Duck is the common name for a number of species in the Anatidae family of birds.Ducks are mostly aquatic birds.
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