What was John Wayne's horse's name?


John Wayne rode several horses throughout his long career making Western films; the horse he rode as a child was named Jenny, and he rode several horses on film, including a white horse named Duke the MIracle Horse. Duke was the first of several white horses Wayne rode on film.

Among the many images associated with John Wayne, the image of the cowboy on a horse is perhaps one of the most famous. This is an association that Wayne earned by riding many horses throughout his career, including one horse named Dollar and another named Dollor. Wayne was the only person who was allowed to ride Dollor until Wayne's death in 1979.

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his name was dollar.
Marion Michael Morrison of this I am sure.
Marion Robert Morrison 05/26/07-06/11/79 known by his stage name John Wayne, was an
He was born as Marion Morrison. He won 24 Oscars and had 16 other nominations!
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