What Is the Name of So4?


The name which is given to So4 is Sulphate. They are salts of Sulphuric acid which are formed by replacing either one or both Hydrogen. The symbol also represents the Video games called star ocean 4 or The Last Hope.
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Sulphuric Acid. No - H2SO4 is sulphuric acid. SO4 on its own like this is sulphur tetroxide. SO4 2- would be the sulphate ion.
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The molecular weight of MgSO4 is. 120.3676 g/mol.
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Another name for SO4 is sulphate. Sulphate is a chemical compound containing the sulphate (SO4) radical. Sulphates are salts or esters of sulphuric acid, H2SO4, formed by replacing one or both of the hydrogen with a metal (e.g., sodium) or a radical.
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The Formula for Cobalt II Selenide is CoSe. Cobalt(II) selenide is the IUPAC name of the chemical compound. The formula for Cobalt II Sulphate is CoSO4. ...
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