20th Wedding Anniversary Symbol?


The 20th wedding anniversary has modern and traditional names. The traditional is the China and the modern is the platinum. They both have different themes with gifts. The traditional one gift has a theme of China while the modern one gift has a theme of Bone china and platinum.
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The 20th wedding anniversary is known as China.The anniversary gifts for this occasion can be an antique china dinnerware set, platter or tea set.You can also go for a personalized china anniversary plate, a china basket of porcelain or china flowers among others.
The 20th wedding anniversary is a celebration meant to mark the twentieth year of marriage. The traditional gift for the 20th marriage anniversary is China and the modern gift is platinum. It is one of the big milestone anniversaries when a couple reflects on the commitment to a lifetime marriage.
The 20th wedding anniversary was traditionally referred to as china while in modern times it has come to be known as platinum. Very few wedding anniversaries before the 1930s had a material representing them, but ever since, most of the anniversaries are represented by a specific material.
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The 20th wedding anniversary is called China since it is typically associated with gifts from China such as Chinaware, China ornaments, Chinese massage or China ...
There are wide varieties of gifts that you can give for 20th wedding anniversary. You may give traditional gifts such as China table ware, platter or tea set. ...
China is the traditional symbol of the 20th wedding anniversary, and platinum serves as the modern symbol. The emerald is the gemstone, and the flower is the daylily ...
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