What Is the Name of the Bitter Chocolate Beverage That the Aztecs Made from Cacao Beans?


The name of the bitter chocolate drink that the Aztecs made from cacao/cocoa beans was named Chocolatl. Not only did the Aztecs drink Chocolatl, but the Mayans did as well. The difference between the Aztec Chocolatl and the Mayan Chocolatl is that the Aztecs drank theirs cool. The bitter drink was often spiced/doctored up with spices and flavorings. Possibly vanilla and chili. It was the Spanish that first added sugar to the drink in 1521.
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Xocolatl. Xocolatl is Aztec for "bitter water" and it was reported that an Aztec King drank 50 goblets of it daily. It was believed that Xocolatl was an aphrodisiac, that
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