What is the name of the bulldog in "Tom and Jerry"?


There are two bulldogs in "Tom and Jerry:" Spike and his son Tyke. Spike is known as a tough bulldog, who sometimes helps his friend Jerry when he is in trouble with Tom. Tyke is known as a sweeter dog who does not try to cause any trouble.

Spike generally likes to relax in his kennel with his bone. He is also known as being a very protective dog, watching over his son and making sure he gets his peace and quiet. Tom and Jerry both know not to bother the bulldogs, especially if Tyke is sleeping. If Tyke ends up being bothered, it usually means trouble for Tom.

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The name of the bull dog, famous in the Tom & Jerry cartoons, is
The name wasn't used often, but I belive it offically became Spike eventually. However, I belive I remember a few older cartoons where it was Butch instead.
The dogs name was Spike.
His real name is Jerome Seinfeld.
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