What is the name of the capital city in Poland?


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The Capital of Poland is Warsaw.
Largest City: Katowice (2,775,000 people)
Capital of:
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Warszawa. or Warsaw is the capital of Poland. It was: founded in about 1300. the capital of Mazovia from 1493. the capital of the Kingdom of Poland from 1385. the capital of the Polish-Lithuanian
Warsaw is the capital of Poland. The president is Lech Kaczy?ski! ChaCha again!
I would recommend you two cities. Warsaw and Gdańsk. 1) Warsaw is the biggest city in Poland (also the Polish capital city), with best job opportunities (almost every multinational
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Around 80 percent of Warsaw was destroyed during World War II, so much of the city is made up of new construction. Some of it is modeled on the traditional architecture, but much of it reflects the influence of Soviet building styles foisted on the country by the Soviet Union during the communist period. Unlike many European cities, Warsaw does feature skyscrapers. Warsaw became Poland's capital in 1596, when the parliament voted to move its seat from Krakow, the second-largest city in the country, which lies in the south.

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