What Is the National Flower of Brazil?


The national flower of Brazil is the Ipª-amarelo. They are commonly known as the Ip ª and are the yellow flowers on Ip ª-amarelo trees where the word amarelo means yellow It is one of the national symbols of the country and there is a la which declares this.
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The Ipe-amarelo, a member of the genus Tecoma, is the national flower of
The nation flower of Brazil is the TABEBUIA ALBA flower. Tabebuia alba , port. Ipê-amarelo-da-serra, also Golden Trumpet Tree, is a tree native to Cerrado vegetation in Brazil
Over the past 20 years, numerous attempts have been made to select a national flower. The two front-runners are the peony and Chinese plum blossom. Some people believe China is too
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What do you give your girlfriend before the homecoming dance? Come on you can remember. The Orchid Corsage is the national flower of Brazil. You can find more info at: www.theflowerexpert.com
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