What is the North Star?


North Star refers to the star that the axis of the earth points toward in the Northern sky. It is also known as pole star or Polaris and it appears to be in a fixed location in the sky all through the year.
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North Star
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The North star is the star that is pointed toward The Northern sky by the Earth's axis. It it used as a navigational aid due to the fact that it doesn't seem to move in the sky.
The north star is a star that shines bight in the night sky. If you find yourself lost, you can look towards the sky, find the north star, and you can follow that star in the north direction. You can find more information here: http://www.universetoday.com/guide-to-space/stars/what-is-the-north-star/
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The north star, which is Polaris looks bright because it is surrounded by a lot of dim stars that don't give off a lot of light. The north star stands out a little ...
North Star, also known as the pole star or Polaris is the earth's pole star as at January 2012. A pole star in general is a visible star that is approximately ...
No, Venus is a planet and can usually be seen in the night sky due to its brightness and proximity to the Earth. The North Star is also known as Polaris; in the ...
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