What Is the Number for the Free 411 Telephone Directory?


The number for the free 411 telephone directory is 1-800-FREE-411.It is a free directory assistance services which is used to make inquiry calls on local business and other information. When you dial the number, the voice set will ask you about his or her name, location and listing.
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1-800-FREE411 is a free 411 service you can call. You can also ask
Toll free telephone numbers begin as follows: 800, 888, 877, and 866. The related link below provides an explanation of what toll free numbers are and how they work. Toll free numbers
Lufthansa 800-645-3880! Thanks for ChaCha-ing!
You can call the toll free telephone number of 877-886-4592 and press #2 for Dish Network New Service to get the free DVR and installation.
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How you list your number in the 411 directory is by going through your phone service. You can request your phone service provider add you to the 411 directory. ...
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