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Official Secrets Act is legislation passed in the United Kingdom that offers for the protection of state secrets and official data, mainly concerned with national security. This act is used not only in the UK, but also in Ireland, Malaysia and New Zealand.
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About the Official Secrets Act
The Official Secrets Act, which can refer to the laws of a half dozen nations, is designed to protect official information from disclosure. The most notable country to enact such a law is the United Kingdom, which first enacted the law in 1889. The law... More »
The official secrets act is a UK act of Parliament 1989, prohibiting the disclosure of confidential material from government sources by employees. People working with sensitive information in government are commonly required to sign a statement to the effect that they agree to abide by the restrictions of the Official Secrets Act.
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The UK Official Secrets Act 1989 declared it unlawful to disclose information relating to defence, security and intelligence, international relations, intelligence gained from other
There is a radical difference between the RTI Act and the Official Secrets Act. The Official Secrets Act began with the presumption that what is done within the government should
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The official secrets act (OSA) is a government document to which anyone serving in a position of sensitivity for the government would we required to sign. This acts as a legally recognised
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People working with extremely sensitive information are required by the law to sign a statement affirming that they accept to abide by the restrictions provided ...
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It his hard to know Andy McNabs real name since under the Official Secrets Act it is illegal is to disclose the identity of a former Special Air Service Regiment ...
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