What is the oldest volcano?


With its first recorded eruption in approximately 1500 B.C., Mt. Etna in Italy is believed to be the oldest active volcano in the world. Mt. Etna has erupted over 190 times and has the most extensive eruption record in history.

Mt. Etna, one of the largest continental volcanoes, last erupted in 1993, its largest eruption as of May 2014.

A volcano in the Pacific Ocean dubbed Tamu Massif, discovered in 2013, is considered the largest volcano in the world. At 120,000 square miles, Tamu Massif is approximately the size of New Mexico. The volcano is estimated to be 145 million years old.

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The Taal Volcano is located in the Philippines on the island of Luzon. The Philippines are located near Malaysia and the volcano is only a short distance from the capital, Manila.
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A caldera near McDermitt, Nevada in Yellowstone National Park is the oldest volcano in the world at 16.5-million-year-old.
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Mt. Etna is considered the oldest volcano in the world. Its first recorded eruption took place around 1500 B.C.E. Since that date, the volcano is believed to have ...
The oldest part of Mt. Fuji is said to be somewhere around 100, 000 years old. The newest layer of the volcano that developed over the older part is believed to ...
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