What Is the Opposite of Envy?


Envy is the kind of resentment one would over another's achievement, possession or superior quality, therefore wishing that the other person lacked it. The opposite of this is admiration, encouragement, good will, pleasure and contentment. These are characterised with positive feelings about another's achievements or possessions.
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Antonyms include. contentment. appreciation. admiration. non-materialism. or. support.
Love and selflessness is the opposite of envy or jealous. ChaCha!
Schadenfreude? Envy is when you feel bad because someone else has something good happening. Schadenfreude is when you feel good because someone else has something bad happening.
Well, it’s been a sexually confusing week, hasn’t it? We’ve seen all sorts of things we wish we could unsee. I thought I’d wrap up with something safe and
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The opposite of the word jealous is trusting or trustful. The word jealous refers to feeling or showing envy of someone or their achievements and advantages. It ...
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