What Is the Opposite of Mammal?


Since mammals are vertebrate animals, the opposite of mammals would be the invertebrate animals such as molluscs, worms and insects. Mammals are members of class Mammalia; the air-breathing vertebrate animals that mainly feed their young on mother's milk.
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There is no "opposite" of mammals, only different life forms, such as reptiles (cold-blooded, egg-laying) or insects (very dissimilar) or bacteria (not multicellular) Mammal
A placental mammal is one having a placenta. This excludes monotremes or marsupials, pouched mammals.
There are 92 species of American opossums, most of which live in central and south America. Opossums are small, usually omnivorous foragers that have adapted to diverse environments
The hog-nosed or bumblebee bat ( Craseonycteris thonglongyai. is generally described as the smallest mammal, but the pygmy shrew. Suncus etruscus. was considered the smallest before
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