What Is the Opposite of Mammal?


Since mammals are vertebrate animals, the opposite of mammals would be the invertebrate animals such as molluscs, worms and insects. Mammals are members of class Mammalia; the air-breathing vertebrate animals that mainly feed their young on mother's milk.
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There is no "opposite" of mammals, only different life forms, such as reptiles (cold-blooded, egg-laying) or insects (very dissimilar) or bacteria (not multicellular) Mammal
Oppositional Defiant Disorder may have a genetic link with the history of parents and other members of the family. It has been found that ODD is predominant in children whose parents
Since dramatic irony means a character does not know or understand something that the audience knows or understands, then the opposite would be a character who does know what the
Only mammals sweat, but not all mammals have the same number of sweat glands. In addition, some animals have modified sweat glands called mammary glands.
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