What Is the out of Africa Theory?


The Out of Africa is a debatable theory that argues that every human being is descended from a small group in Africa, who then spread into the wider world relocating earlier forms such as Neanderthal. The main advocates of this theory are led by Chris Stringer.
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Out of Africa theory is modern humans evolved relatively recently in Africa,
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I found this article published by. BBC News. just this week. Recent findings suggest that. Homo sapiens. also left Africa, around 120,000 years ago. We travelled in small numbers,
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The Out of Africa theory is that modern humans are all descended from one group of Homo sapiens that left Africa about 2,000 generations ago. This is a science topic that is debated over. Some scientists believe they have proof to disprove this theory, while others claim to have proof to prove it. You can find more information here: http://www.actionbioscience.org/evolution/johanson.html
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