What is the oxidation number of sulfur in SO2?


In order to figure out the oxidation number of an atom within a compound, you would generally want to assume that the overall compound has an oxidation number of 0 (the sum of the oxidation numbers of all the individual atoms in the molecule), unless otherwise specified. In the case of SO2, it is common knowledge in the field of chemistry that the oxidation number of oxygen is typically -2. Since there are two oxygen atoms in this molecule, the oxidation number of sulfur in SO2 is most likely +4.
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Featuring sulfur in the +4 oxidation state ChaCha!
Oxygen in compounds "always" has an ON of -2. With four oxygens in one sulfate, this is so far a total of -8. However, there is also a 2- charge on the ion, so we subtract
Oxidation number of sulphur depends on the compund it is in. For eg in H2SO4 oxidation number is +6. in H2SO3 oxidation is +4. in H2S2O3 oxidation is +2.
( ′səl·fər ′äk′sīd ) (inorganic chemistry) An oxide of sulfur, such as sulfur dioxide, SO2, and sulfur trioxide, SO3.
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