The Is the Part of an Experiment That Is Not Being Tested and Is Used for Comparison?


The part of an experiment that is not being tested but it is used for comparison within the experiment is called the control group. Control groups can be used in psychological studies and within scientific studies.
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The part of an experiment that is used for comparison but is not being tested is called the control. report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01 2012 at 12:37PM EST. Source
control group answer 1 on the crossword. 1=control. 2=procedure. 3=conclusion. 4=scientific method. 5=independent. 6=hypothesis. 7=graphs. 8=experiment. 9=problem. 10= error. 11=dependent
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The term 'control group' is given to the portion of the experiment that is not being studied, rather provides validity to the intent of the experiment acting as a caparison piece.
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The standard for comparison in an experiment is usually the control or the control group. It is an important part of an experiment because there needs to be an ...
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