What Is the Passing Score for the Nclex RN?


The passing score for the NCLEX RN examinations is usually anything above 70%. NCLEX Examinations are country wide examinations that are administered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. Failing the test can cause one to be denied a nursing licence.
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1. Answer at least 75 questions. Everyone taking the test must answer at least 75 questions in order to pass it. 2. Keep answering questions. Questions will get harder as you continue
1. Pay attention in nursing school. This may seem oversimplified, but the better you do academically, the less stressed you'll be when the actual test comes around. That is, if you
No 75 questions is not 100% No one gets a percentage result. You get told if you pass or fail. Each question is worth a different amount.
The pass rate for nclex rn is 88% in Missouri. Can we answer anything
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In Nclex, the passing score is determined by a computer system through a process called Computerised Adaptive Testing, CAT. For one to pass, the individual must ...
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