What is the pH of ammonia?


The pH of ammonia is about 11, which makes it a fairly weak base. According to the pH scale, substances with a pH lower than 7 are acids, whereas those with a pH greater than 7 are bases.

At a pH of 7, pure water is neither an acid nor a base. Ammonia, with its high pH, is a base that is often used as a cleaner or disinfectant. Many bases have varied uses in the cleaning industry.

Ammonia, in its natural state, is a gas deprived of color that has a strong odor. Oftentimes, ammonia is put into a solution for ease of use. This solution consists of 95 percent water. The ammonia used in cleaning solutions is not in its pure form.

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1. Multiple the ammonia concentration by ammonia's dissociation constant. Ammonia's dissociation constant at room temperature is 1.8 - 10^5. For instance, if you have ammonia that
i really dont know Added: This depends on its concentration. But above 7! because it's a weak base
It depends upon what the concentration of ammonia is in the solution. Ammonia is a
no fish can tolerate any ammonia reading. anything other than a reading of 0 will burn them inside and out. as for pH, most fish will tolerate a stable mid-range between 7.0-7.6,
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