What Is the PH of Rubbing Alcohol?


Rubbing alcohol is a combination of isopropyl alcohol and water. Isopropyl alcohol has a molecular formula of C3H8O. Rubbing alcohol's pH is determined by the ratio of isopropyl alcohol and water. Normal pH levels are around 5.0.
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the pH level of isopropyl alcohol is 5.5
The density of rubbing alcohol is 0.786 g/cm^2. Rubbing alcohol is more often isopropanol mixed with water and then a little poison to denature it.
The descriptive words “rubbing alcohol” refer to rubbing the liquid on the human body, such as on the back, neck, legs or arms. It may be used for cooling or soothing
n. A mixture usually consisting of 70 percent isopropyl or absolute alcohol, applied externally to relieve muscle and joint pain.
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Isopropyl or 'rubbing' alcohol has a ph balance of 7.0. This means that the rubbing alcohol is neutral. It has relatively the same acidity as blood or pure water.
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