What Is the PH of Salt?


There is no pH for salt because salt does not contain any hydrogen. In chemistry, pH (which stands for Potential Hydrogen), is a gauge of the acidity or amount of base of an aqueous solution.
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1. Test your soil pH level. Dig a hole several inches deep. Pour distilled water in the hole and cover with soil. The pool should be muddy. Place the pH meter probe into the mud and
its neutral, or a pH of 7
The pH of salt depends on the strengths of the original acids and bases. Thanks for using ChaCha!
The pH scale of salt is 7. A salt is formed when an acid and a base are mixed and the acid releases H+ ions while the base releases OH- ions.
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What Is the pH of Salt Water?
The pH of salt water is of concern to two kinds of people. Seamen loading cargo onto a ship take an interest in the pH level, since the higher the pH level, the saltier the water and the saltier the water, the higher the ship rides in the water and the... More »
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pH is the measure of the hydrogen ion concentration in a solution. Because salt is not a solution and does not contain Hydrogen, the pH of salt cannot be measured. However, If we made a salt water solution and assuming that the water is pure and the salt is sodium chloride, than the pH of the solution should be 7.0.
Assuming that you are talking about table salt, or NaCl, then, the pH level in pure water would be 7, or neutral because the Cl is from a strong acid and the Na is from a strong base and when you mix a strong acid and a strong base together, it creates a neutral solution.
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The pH of salt water is about 7-8. Salt water is a solution formed by water and sodium chloride which is neutral in pH and should therefore not cause a change ...
By definition, pH is a measure of the hydrogen ions in an aqueous solution. As table salt, in its pure form, is not dissolved in water, it has no pH.When one dissolves ...
Acids and bases differ in their pH. Acids have a pH that is below seven and bases have a pH above seven. A salt is the product of mixing an acid and a base. ...
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