What Is the Pill Marked with a V on One Side and 22 65 on the Other?


The pill with an imprint of V on one side and 22 65 on the other is Balcofen 10 mg. This pill is a muscle relaxant that can be used to treat hiccups, muscle spasms and alcohol withdrawal symptoms.
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Baclofen is a white pill imprinted with V on one side and 22 65 on
Not Medical Advice: A white oblong pill with imprint V 22 65 is baclofen 10mg, used in the treatment of muscle spasm; spasticity; hiccups; muscle twitching.
why don't you ask your classmate? There are also online pill identifiers: http://www.drugs.com/pill_identification…. Still the best thing would be to give it back to your classmate
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