What is the pKa of NaOH?


The pKa value is a value that tells how acidic a compound is. The pKa value for NaOH is 13.8. On the other spectrum, the pKb is 0.2, which is how basic the compound is.
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The pKa of NaOH is about 16. Any base with a pKa over 13 is considered a strong base.
From this salt the benzoate ion C6H5-COO. is a base ( the other part Na. is neutral) This. base. has a pK. B. value of 9.80 ( benzoate. The pK. a. cid. value of its conjugated. benzoic
NaOH is the chemical formula for the sodium hydroxide molecule; it contains one atom each of sodium, oxygen and hydrogen. Also known as lye or caustic soda, NaOH is a strong base
see the Pearson's chi square test.
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