What is the pKa of NaOH?


The pKa value is a value that tells how acidic a compound is. The pKa value for NaOH is 13.8. On the other spectrum, the pKb is 0.2, which is how basic the compound is.
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pKa1 = 2.16. pKa2 = 8.05. Ref: Newton, D.W., Murray, w.j., Lovell, M.W. pKa Determination of benzhydrylpiperazine antihistamines in aqueous and aqueous methanol solutions (1982) Journal
NaOH is the chemical formula for the sodium hydroxide molecule; it contains one atom each of sodium, oxygen and hydrogen. Also known as lye or caustic soda, NaOH is a strong base
An example of a strong acid is hydrochloric acid, HCl, which has a pKa value,
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