How do you write the value of the underlined digit?


This appears to be part of a math worksheet where you are shown a number and one of the digits is underline. To figure out the the place values just know that in the number 34, 986...6 is in the ones place, 8 is in the 10's place, 9 is in the 100's place, 4 is in the 1000's place, and 3 is in the 10,000's place. If the number is .234, then 2 is in the tenths place, 3 is in the one hundredths place, and 4 is in the one thousandths place.
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Positioned 2nd. from the right, the 6 has value 60. Consider a longer number such as 438.27. This really means: 4 * 100 + 3 * 10 + 8 * 1 + 2 * 0.1 + 7 * 0.01.
The underlined digit 7 is in the thousandths place. So, the place value of the underlined digit 7 is thousandths place. Correct answer is option 'D'. Answer 2 7 hundredths Answer
The 4 is in the tenths place value.
The value of 6 in the number
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