What Is the Plant Kingdom?


The plant kingdom, or Plantae, is made up of every single land plant. This would include mosses, ferns, trees, flowers ect. There are over 250,000 different species. You can find more information here: http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/plants/plantae.html
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Kingdom Plantae
The Plantae includes all land plants: mosses, ferns, conifers, flowering plants, and so on—an amazing range of diverse forms. With more than 250,000 species, they are second in size only to... More >>
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The Plant Kingdom habitat is located almost everywhere in the world. The only place this habitat doesn't exist is in sub freezing or extreme heated regions. This kingdom consists of plants, vines, trees, moss and anything that is a living organism.
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The plant kingdom is called Plantae. It contains all living plants that are green, such as moss, ferns, and flowering plants.There are more than 250,000 species in this p[articular
Organisms within the plant kingdom have the ability to capture light (solar energy) and convert this inorganic matter into an organic substance in order to consume nutrients. Plants
(nonvascular) liverwort moss hornwort (vascular) flowering plant fern pine tree.
n. A main classification of living organisms that includes all plants. Also called vegetable kingdom .
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The Plant Kingdom is a Kingdom, or Taxonomic Rank, which is a very high rank, along with the Animal Kingdom and more. The Plant Kingdom contains a wide variety ...
A plant kingdom is the taxonomic kingdom comprising all living or extinct plants. Plants have been on earth for millions of years and are found on land, in oceans ...
Living organisms on earth are classified into a number of kingdoms. The two largest kingdoms are the Animal Kingdom and the Plant Kingdom. Organisms within the ...
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