What is the plural form of the word ox?


The plural form of "ox" is "oxen." Oxen are castrated male cattle that have been trained to work as draft animals in farming field work and domesticated for meat. Non-castrated cattle are referred to as bulls, whereas adult females are called cows.

In India, New Zealand and Australia, oxen are known as bullocks. When used as part of a compound noun, the word "ox" is often hyphenated, as in "ox-cart," "ox-hide" or "ox-driver." The word "ox" originates from the Old English word "oxa," which is thought to have come from the Germanic word "ochse." Sanskrit uses a similar-sounding word for bull, "uksan." Oxen are typically trained in pairs to haul, plow and thresh grains.

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OXEN. one ox, two oxen. Oxen.
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