What is the plural of "tornado"?


The plural form of "tornado" is "tornados" or "tornadoes." The word dates back to about 1550 A.D. and comes from the Spanish word "tronada," which means "thunderstorm."

The word "tornado" is also derived from the Latin word "tonare," which means "to thunder." A tornado is a violent and destructive windstorm that occurs on land and consists of a funnel-shaped cloud. These storms are especially prevalent in the Midwest. In Africa, the word is commonly used to describe a violent whirlwind that typically occurs in the summer. "Tornado" may also be used to describe a violent outburst of activity or emotion.

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its definitely TORNADOES, the capital letters are optional of course, lol. (i know that joke wasnt funny at all, i can dream cant i?
In May 1970, one of the most destructive tornadoes in U.S. history struck Lubbock, Texas. It killed 26 people, injured hundreds and caused millions of dollars in property damage.
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