What Is the Population in the Amazon Rainforest?


The population of the Amazon forest was said to be around 20 million as at 2009. The forest covers numerous town with the most notable being Belem, Manaus, Macapa, Porto Velho and Santarem in Brazil and Iquitos in Peru. The Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world covering more than a billion acres and is the source of the Amazon River.
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In 1960, the Amazon's population was around 2 million. However now, it is more like 30 million!
While the Amazon river is the world's second-longest-behind the Nile-it is the largest in terms of volume, according to National Geographic's website. The Amazon river contains 20
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Some animals found in the amazon rain forest include snakes like the anaconda, jaguars , monkey, and turtles.
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The Amazon rainforest is the moist forest that covers part of the Amazon Basin found in South America. As of 2012, there was an estimated five to seven million people in the Amazon region. The area of the forest is around 5,500,000 square kilometres. The countries found there include Brazil, Venezuela and Peru.
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