What Is the Population of Rome?


The population of Rome was 2,761,477 as at December 2010. Its population density was 8955358/sq. km., making Rome the most populous city in Italy. During the time of Emperor Augustus, the city of Rome was the largest city in the world, with a population of about one million people.
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The population in Rome, NY is 33,673 as of July 2008. There were 17,254 males and
The capital of Italy is Rome. The population of Rome is 2655970 and is 2,066 sq. mi in area!
The metropolitan area has a population of about 4 million. Source(s) rome italy.
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The Population of Rome in February 2011 was approximately 2,755, 042 people, which is an increase from the previous November 2009 population of 2, 726, 927. Due to these figures, Rome is Italy’s largest and most populated city and commune.
According to www.trueknowledge.com/, the current population in Rome is approximately 2,756,916. This value has been extrapolated from a population of 2,726,927 on November 7th 2009 and a population of 2,743,796 on August 13th 2010.
The population of Rome is approximately 2,761,477 million people. The region has a population density of about 2,148 persons per square kilometre. Approximately 53% of the population of Rome are females and 26.9% are of African origin.
As of December 2010 the official population for Rome was 2,761,477. Rome being the capital city of Italy also has the highest population than the other cities. Rome is also listed as World heritage site by UNESCO.
Rome's population as of 2001 was 2,655,970 people. Including all the other areas that make up the province of Rome, the population stood at 3,849,487 people during the 2001 census. In 2005, the number of people in the city was recorded as 2,628,000, this is just a fraction compared to the 7,518,000 people who were living in London at the same time.
The latest population census shows that Rome had a population of 2,738,755 people.
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The population of Rome, Italy is 2563241 according to the GeoNames geographical database. ...
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Rome is located in Italy, a peninsula that sticks out into the Mediterranean Sea. It is Italy's capital and the country's largest and most populated city and commune ...
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