What Is the Postage on a Letter to Germany?


The price of posting a letter from the UK to Germany varies depending on its weight. For postage weighing up to 20g, one pays 44p whilst that up to 40g costs 64p. For detailed breakdown of pricing, refer to a Royal Mail Leaflet.
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I am assuming that you are asking about general first class postage for an envelope to be used domestically. If that is the case, depending on the weight, the price is $0.44. If unsure
The current cost of first class postage is 44
The postage for a standard first class letter is now $0.42.
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The value of the stamps you will need to stick on your mail to Germany will depend on which service you will be using and the size and weight of the item. For additional information on postage charges, visit the Royal Mail website and check out the table indicating the value and purpose for each stamp.
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