What Is the Postal Code for the United Kingdom?


The United Kingdom has several towns that have different postal codes. To find out what the postal code for your nearest post office, visit: www.alexnolan.net. You are required to enter the street name of your location. It is however optional to include the village and town name while doing this.
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Not sure I understand your question but here goes anyway; BD18 2NT. The two letters at the begining is the town, in this example Bradford. The 18 part is which part of town the code
The U.S. Postal Code was initiated in the 1940s and involved a few letters. In 1963, a new, more efficient system was introduced, involving 5 digits. ZIP has been trademarked for
The postal code for the United States is US. This code
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The UK is divided by Royal Mail into postcode areas for the purposes of directing mail. A postal code is a sequence of letters and/or digits that is appended to a postal address and is used in sorting mail. In UK each area has a postcode where 1 or 2 letters are used. For example the postcode of Aberdeen is AB, Blackburn is BB and St. Albans is AL.
Postal codes for areas and countries can be easily gotten from directories. These directories are mostly found in postal offices of a country in all countries. These directories also give postal codes for specific areas of the country or countries in question.
The United Kingdom does not have one distinct postcode, but has numerous codes depending on the area where you would want to send mail. To view the post code of the area town you want to send mail, visit http://www.geonames.org/postalcode-search.html?q=&country=GB.
The postal code for the United Kingdom is 9011. Post codes were introduced by the Royal Mail in October 1959 and spanned for 15 years till 1974. Post codes aid in mail sorting and dispersion.
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