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The press refers to the section of the mass media industry that focuses on presenting current news to the public. It also refers to a company that produces or disseminates literature or information. The press is also a machine that transfers inked images onto a medium such as paper or cloth.
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The term free press is most commonly used in the writing of newspapers. This
Types of printing plates vary according to the press used, but can be classified by direct or indirect ink transfer. Direct plates transfer ink directly to the item to be printed.
Press releases are written in an established format. It's essential that your press release conform to this format or journalists will ignore it. It's easiest to communicate the format
is the practice of investigation and reporting of events and issues and trends to a broad audience in a timely fashion.
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to act upon with steadily applied weight or force.
to move by weight or force in a certain direction or into a certain position: The crowd pressed him into a corner.
to compress or squeeze, as to alter in shape or size: He pressed the clay into a ball.
to weigh heavily upon; subject to pressure.
to hold closely, as in an embrace; clasp: He pressed her in his arms.
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