What Is the Price of Brass Per Ounce?


Brass metal purchased in small quantities costs about 75 cents an ounce. A thin bar of extruded brass weighing 1151 pounds, or close to two ounces, sells for £0.973218. Buying in larger quantities significantly lowers the price per ounce.
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Brass is 2.22 per pound and pewter is 94.50 per pound.
Currently, it is $1.15 per pound and $0.07 per ounce.
Scrap Metals, Price Per Pound: Brass, $3.00, Steel and Iron, $0.35, Aluminum, $1.50, over 20# $1.20.
The price on brass varies by grade and also by location within the country (assumes you want U.S. price) For scrap metal prices for brass, copper, aluminum, steel go to "Demolition
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The price of brass metal per ounce is 75 cents when bought in small quantities. Brass weighing 1,151 pounds or close to two ounces costs about £0.973218. Buying the brass in large quantities lowers the price per ounce significantly.
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