What is the price of ivory?


The price of Ivory varies depending on the length, width and thickness. The bigger the length, width and thickness the higher the price of the Ivory. There are some websites that help in giving a list of prices depending on the four factors.
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That depends on the size of the piece of ivory you are purchasing. Go to the following
Ivory comes from the teeth and tusks of certain animals. The most well-known sources of ivory include African elephants, Asian elephants, narwhals and walruses. Wild boars, toothed
Ivory is an elephant tusk that is made into slates for carving. It is also a shade of off-white. It's the name for the substance that makes up elephants tusks.
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Ivory prices tend to vary depending on the quality and size. Larger pieces like a whole tusk cost more than the ivory slabs. Ivory bits and pieces usually used for small jewelry tend to cost less.
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