What Is the Price of Scrap Metal?


Different scrap metal types will have different prices. For example, No 1 old metal scrap will cost £189 per tonne, No 2 new metal scrap will cost £189 per tonne, light iron will cost £209 per tonne, 7B mixed steel turnings will cost £210 and 8B mixed steel cuttings will cost £199, just to mention a few.
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There are many different types of scrap metals - There is ferrous (iron, steel HMS) and non ferrous scrap metals (copper, aluminum, zinc, etc. You need to specify the type of scrap
1. Determine the type of metal for which you want a price. If the metal is one of your personal belongings, look for identifying marks, such as "Sterling, 925, 18k or 14k to
I was unable to find specific prices. Try contacting: Utah Metal Works 805
Basically scrap metal prices relate to the absolute cheapest rate you'll ever get for your metal. To determine the approximate value on your radiators - what do they weigh? - and
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The price of scrap metal today ranges from £0.6194 to £6.1940 per pound depending on the specific metal. Aluminum for example is £0.6984 per pound while Copper is £2.6423 per pound. Nickel on the other hand is as expensive as £6.0412 per pound.
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