What is the cost to renew a UK passport?


To renew an adult ten-year 32-page passport in UK costs £77.50 for standard service, £112.50 for the one-week Fast Track Service and £129.50 for the one-day Premium service. If you were born on or before 2 September, 1929, your passport is free of charge, but you will need to pay the extra fee for Fast Track or Premium services if you use them.
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1. Print out and fill out the application form. You should fill out the C1 form if you're age 16 or older and the C2 form if you're under 16. Complete all sections using all capital
How to apply By post - not guaranteed standard 3 week service At selected Post Office® branches & Worldchoice travel agents - two-week Check & Send service (see note 1
Contact the embassy or something.
The process of a passport renewal in Canada is much like the UK. The following steps occur to complete the process: Complete the Application, submit your old passport, the required
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The price to renew a UK passport is seventy seven point fifty Euros. The passport fee includes sending out your new passport through secure delivery, and returning your supporting documents through royal mail second class post.
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