What is the cost to renew a UK passport?


To renew an adult ten-year 32-page passport in UK costs £77.50 for standard service, £112.50 for the one-week Fast Track Service and £129.50 for the one-day Premium service. If you were born on or before 2 September, 1929, your passport is free of charge, but you will need to pay the extra fee for Fast Track or Premium services if you use them.
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1. Acquire a passport application renewal form. There are three ways that you can get the application form: you can pick up the application from a post office branch, request that
If you are a previous passport book holder and you are eligible to use Form DS-82, you may apply for a passport card as a renewal by mail - even if it is your first passport card!
Passport fees in Spain are: Adult passport (16 and above) 32-page passport - €152 + €24 courier fee = €176 48 page passport - €184 + €24 courier fee = &euro
It costs $75.00 to renew an adult passport. A passport card renewal is only
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The price to renew a UK passport is seventy seven point fifty Euros. The passport fee includes sending out your new passport through secure delivery, and returning your supporting documents through royal mail second class post.
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