What Is the Process of Keratinization?


The process of Keratinisation, also known as the skin renewal process, is the development whereby dead skin cells are shed by the epidermis. The process takes approximately 28 days, but as one matures, it slows down making skin to hold on to more dead skin making it dull and lifeless. Collagen and elastic fibres found in the youth's dermis keeps the skin plump and free from wrinkles, and also helps in water retention.
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Formation of. keratin. protein in cell is called keratinization .
Alpha keratin is only found in mammals. Keratin is a tough, fibrous protein. There are two types of keratin: alpha- and beta-keratin. Alpha-keratin is softer and is found only in
Keratin is scleroprotein or albuminoid substance, found in the dead outer skin layer, and in horn,
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