What Is the Purpose of a Death Mask?


Death masks are made as a memento of the dead, or they are used to create portraits. In some cultures they are put on the deceased person's face before they are buried.
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African masks are featured in many African rituals and activities. Mossi masks represent animal totems, or spiritual guides. Some Mossi tribesmen and women also own personal masks
It was put over the face of Agamemnon's dead body.
The funerary masks, used to cover the face of a mummy and other facial coverings for mummies emphasized the ancient Egyptian belief in the fragile state of transition that the dead
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The purpose of a death mask is to represent a person when he or she is dead. A death mask is usually in the form of a sculpture. In ancient Egypt, the death mask was used to cover the face of the mummies so as to ensure that the spirit of the dead does not recognise the body. The death mask was also a part of the Egyptian's culture.
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