What Is the Purpose of a Hub?


A hub is a word with several meanings. It can mean the central part of a rectangular box whose work is to join network devices like computers together thus forming a one network segment. This enables the computers to directly communicate with each other. It can also be used to mean the central part of the bicycle wheel which provides a surface for attaching the spokes of bicycles.
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The axle is installed through a hub during a vehicle's construction to keep the axle perpendicular to the wheel, which is installed onto the hub assembly. The hub aligns the axle
Update : The bearings were replaced in the back and I have a Dodge Stratus. Thanks! a hub is what the wheel attaches to on the front of the car, so all those lug nuts hold the hub
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A CPU has two primary tasks: processing data and executing instructions. The processor contains a quartz clock that sends out tiny pulses of electricity at regular intervals. Each
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