What Is the Purpose of a Leaflet?


Leaflets are developed for specific purposes, such as standard, special situation, safe conduct, and news. There are three kinds of leaflets namely: Persuasive, informative and directive leaflets. The Leaflet production is affected by the physical characteristics of paper, such as shape, texture, quality, size, and weight.
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A purpose of a leaflet is to persuade a reader to do something.
The purpose of the leaflets is to help farmers improve family food supplies and nutrition year round through home gardening. This package contains 15 technology leaflets with ideas
To distribute, Irritate and pollute the country in the hopes of someone reading it and hopefully be interested in what ever is advertised.
To grab the reader's attention. No one wants to be bored to death. Images add variety. Yzma.
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1. Decide on your main topic. A leaflet's purpose is to give pertinent information to the patient. So you want to start with one topic. Try not to put too many ...
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