What Is the Purpose of a Primary Election?


The purpose of a primary election is to get a nomination candidate for a particular political party. This is the most important phase of elections. Primary elections consist of both open and closed primaries.
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States vary in the type of primary elections that they hold. A closed primary system allows only people who are already affiliated with a political party to vote for candidates of
A closed primary election is one in which voters choose from candidates only from the party in which they are registered. This differs from an open primary in that an open primary
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What is the Purpose of the Primary Elections?
In a primary election, voters from a specific political party select a candidate who will then run against the rival political parties' candidates in the general election. In most cases, the primary election serves the purpose of selecting nominees,... More »
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Primary elections mainly exist to help thin out the pool of prospective running applicants for each party. It is just a way of helping the people to get their candidate of choice to represent the party so that voting becomes easier.
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