What is the purpose of a promise ring?


Promise rings are used to symbolize a promise made with a full intention to be kept. It usually is given to two people in a couple before an engagement ring comes into play, but it can also be obtained by the wearer as a reminder to maintain a vow made to themselves. Any ring can be used for a promise ring, but a specific meaning needs to be clearly communicated upon presentation.

Promise rings were also known as friendship rings when they originated in the 16th century. Promise rings were once prominently used as a precursor to an engagement ring until the soon-to-be groom was able to afford one. In modern settings, friends are known to purchase promise rings for each other to symbolize a declaration of loyalty, and parents may buy a ring for their child before a significant time in their lives such as leaving for college. Promise rings have served a significant purpose in religious circles as a vow to maintain virginity until marriage. Promise rings have been used as a rehabilitation reminder for those overcoming addictions to maintain sobriety or to abstain from addictive practices such as gambling. Often, a promise ring will have the promise engraved into the ring or the giver's name or initials

Q&A Related to "What is the purpose of a promise ring?"
A ring given from a significant other, that promises to stay together, and be married in the future.
It's old school way for young couples to show a kind of pre-engagement while the guy tries to find the money or job to pay of the actual engagement ring.
Pre-engagement A symbol of monogamy, the pre-engagement ring is given as a symbol of commitment, a promise to the receiver and others that an engagement ring will be the next step
A promise ring is a symbol of a promise made between two people. It's usually worn on the left-hand ring finger. It is also a 90's emo band. Ask us anytime 24/7
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